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US Senate Passes Bill Allowing Veterans Access To Medical Cannabis

he United States Senate has approved a bill that will let military veterans to have easy access to medical marijuana in the states in which it so legal to do so. The current Department of Veterans Affairs has protocols that state that doctors at the V.A cannot issue cannabis recommendations even in the states where it is legal to use. …

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One Remarkable Study Shows Why Big Pharmaceuticals Corporations Are Against Legal Marijuana

More and more research is coming out showing how painkiller abuse and overdoses are much lower in states with medical marijuana laws.  These research are generally of the opinion that when medical marijuana is readily available, more patients suffering from pain are opting for cannabis over powerful and often deadly prescription narcotics.  But to be clear, this was only an …

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Medical Phenomenon Medical doctors are bewildered by a woman’s miraculous cure from lung cancer.  The woman, Michelle Aldrich was sixty- six when she first started developing signs of pneumonia that through medical tests was seen to actually be lung cancer. Unfortunately, the biopsy done revealed that the cancer had developed into a stage three, non –small cell lung cancer (adenocarcinoma) …

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US Government Confirms that Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells

The US Government has just recently confirmed remarkable rumors and claims that have been around for decades that cannabis can help cure cancer! This has been a widely held belief among various scientists, marijuana users and theorists that have for a long time argued that marijuana has several health benefits and uses apart from the business of getting “high”. Global …

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Can Health Care Marijuana Help Persistent Pain?

Chronic soreness has reached crisis proportions in this nation. Chronic pain is usually defined as pain that will lasts three months or perhaps longer. Although it can more common in old adults, anyone can easily experience it. Around 50 million individuals suffer from chronic ache, and another twenty five million suffer from severe pain caused by surgical treatment and accidents. …

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