‘Marijuana Tampon’ Might Be the End of Your Period Cramps


Someone has, although you’ve likely never even contemplated joining grass with menstruation. There’s the pesky cramps that come together with it, but also a brand new method to not only manage your period, which is done with cannabis tampons.

An advanced firm in the medical cannabis business may have found an all-natural and successful means for girls to treat pain and menstrual cramps. No, they’re not really cannabis tampons but quite little capsules, called Foria Relief.

When added into the vagina these cannabis tampons provide strong pain relief.

“Cannabis has a long, cross cultural history of use as a natural aid in relieving symptoms related to menstruation the business’s site says. “Our goal would be to share the strong medicinal properties of this plant while using modern extraction techniques to standardize purity and potency, thus ensuring a safe and accessible experience for all girls.”

The little cocoa butter-established insert is being promoted as a pain relief alternative for women with menstrual cramps. With a combination of CBD and THC, the tampon-sized suppository plans without causing a high to “optimize” muscle alleviation.

This is a thought that is exciting for people that have poor PMS and a possibly life-altering one for the estimated 5 million who have problems with endometriosis. If successful at alleviating menstrual cramps, the suppository could be an alternative for reducing pain during childbirth!

If all goes well, pain alleviation should be felt by individuals within 15-30 minutes after insertion.


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