Pharmaceutical companies worry as medical marijuana use increases


After decades of developing drugs and and monopolising the drug business, eventually large pharmaceutical companies have some competition in the type of cannabis, for states ranging from pain relief to Parkinson’s disease. This definitely has pharmaceutical companies worried about protecting their gains.

It’s already understood the alcohol and pharmaceutical sectors, both strong influences in Washington, have campaigned against cannabis legalization in order to shield their interests.

As medical pot is decriminalized, folks everywhere are finding the options to pharmaceutical drugs come with less dependency and fewer side effects than prescription pills. All over the world, illegal substances like heroin and reliance on opioid painkillers is increasing, actually, it’s no exaggeration to say that the US in the midst of a painkiller outbreak. This has resulted in dependency and overdose deaths on these types of drugs. Alcohol abuse is killing Americans at an increasing speed.

Based on a survey published in the academic journal Drug and Alcohol Review, 87 percent of patients using cannabis for various states gave up prescription drugs all together. Adults under 40 were the most likely to give up prescription medicines, alcohol or other drugs in favor of cannabis. The survey concludes by saying that “The finding that cannabis was replaced for all three types of materials indicates the medical use of cannabis may play a damage reduction function in the context of use of these materials, and may have consequences for abstinence-based substance use treatment strategies.”

Medical cannabis at war with pharmaceutical companies?

No artificial form of marijuana will ever be nearly as good as a medication that’s derived from the cannabis plant that is whole. Regardless of this, the pharmaceutical companies have been falling over themselves to develop drugs from cannabis extracts. This has frequently had devastating consequences, as an extremely recent experiment shows, that resulted in at least one departure.

Big pharmaceutical companies won’t usually remark on the growing use of medical cannabis and usually stick to saying things like “We don’t have a standing on medications which are aren’t approved by FDA, so sadly we won’t have the ability to offer opinion.”

The fact remains that they’re stressed not about patients – but about protecting the tremendous benefits they derive from chemical drugs.


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