US Government Confirms that Cannabis Destroys Cancer Cells

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The US Government has just recently confirmed remarkable rumors and claims that have been around for decades that cannabis can help cure cancer!

This has been a widely held belief among various scientists, marijuana users and theorists that have for a long time argued that marijuana has several health benefits and uses apart from the business of getting “high”.

Global Statistics

Global health statistics state that cancer kills over 20,000 people in the world, every single day! This is a rising epidemic as it not only affects the patients but it also has a significant impact on their families as well. According to the national cancer institute, approximately 39.6 percent of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lifetime while in 2014, an estimated 15,780 children and adolescents ages 0 – 9 were diagnosed with cancer and 1960 died of the disease.

About Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids, is one of the active ingredients that can be found in cannabis. Health researchers in the US Government have found out that they can also help inhibit the disease by causing the cancer cells to die off and blocking key blood vessels that help the cancer tumors to grow.  This was demonstrated through laboratory and animal studies that show how cannabinoids can be used to destroy cancer cells while still making sure that important and normal cells are protected from harm.

Researchers also found out that other key chemical ingredients that can be found in marijuana are also effective in fighting colon cancer, liver cancer as well as other forms of the disease.

 Many animal studies have been done and shown that delta -9-THC and other cannabinoids stimulate appetite and can increase food intake among cancer patients. Anti-inflammatory effects of cannabinoids have also been shown to play a role in pain relief.

The big news is not the results of these studies, as it has been noted earlier, alternative media and several other sources have been talking about the benefits of marijuana over and over. What is interesting to note is that after such a long time, the federal government that has long been demonizing cannabis , can no longer fight the medical merits of cannabis.

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