Weed Nails Are The Hottest New Contentious Manicure Taking Over The Beauty World

There is a new, vague nail art craze on the block, and it might be more crazy than all the rainbow fads we’ve been seeing. Say hello to weed nails. This exceptional weedicure isn’t innuendo – nope and only leaf layouts, with this approach that is edgy, they add real pot into gel manicures, letting everyone know your position on legalization. Some customers turn to mother nature, letting its own natural beauty adorn their fingertips when the regular acrylic nail art only isn’t enough.

weed nails

This tendency has been thriving in the last couple of years as a way to observe the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana, into a mainstream one that is more conversational and bringing it out of a sector that is taboo. A time to observe the era of the pothead instead of criticizing based on stereotypes that only aren’t accurate, colliding with the high-fem world of nail salons. We adore it.

weed nails

The process of getting one of these manicures is less scary than you think – although you do need a medical marijuana card, there’s no extra charge to the manicure compared to the other nail art they offer.


Louisiana Pham, a manicurist who possesses Orchid Nail Lounge in Santa Clara, California, has been creating high nail artwork for a year or two in. The stunning layouts make us need to pack our bags and head to the West Coast ASAP – How about you?


One of Louisiana’s regular customers uses medical cannabis to medicate herself, she desired a style that would suit a marijuana tradition called Hemp Con, starting with a simple leaf design. But Pham, being the professional she’s, didn’t desire the design to come off as goofy or “ cartoonish”. So she offered the client to bring her own herb in for some inspiration.


After crushing the pot into little pieces, the manicure artist then embedded the leaves in gel polish on half of the nails, with the staying painted black and green with a dripping gold glitter layout to mirror the appearance of cannabis oil, or kief (the hypnotizing crystals that fall off ground grass). If you’re searching for a more toned down look it looks wonderful with just clear nail gel polish as well.

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